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Graph Library

This is the project for Problem Solving IV in Nanjing University.

The project is to create a C++ shared library implementing graph data structure and algorithms.

Get Started

$ git clone Lab


On Windows, install CLion or Visual Studio and open project folder.

On Linux/macOS, install CLion or use cmake directly:

$ mkdir -p build && cd build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
$ make


To submit manually, remove all files except .git and create a zip archive of your project folder, then upload it to online judge. The archive should not exceed 10MiB in size and its content looks like:
  - Lab (any folder)
    - .git

or (supports after doowzs/DotOJ#4)
  - .git

On Linux/macOS, run make submit TOKEN=token or submit manually.